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The releases of a new manager in my workplace

The life of a thief is full of nervousness and drama and it’s a exactly what I’ve gotten myself into ( speaking to myself) my mom stares at me of course I know that look, she was waiting for an explanation. The tenant looks at me and looks at my mom too, I don’t know if he was actually thinking I was going to swallow the sperms and answer my mother or perhaps spit it out at that point… Hell no! If that’s what he’s thinking he should forget it (speaking in my mind) finally she broke the silence
MOM: I was looking for you
TENANT: well she came to apologize to me for her actions towards me this Y
MOM: oh I almost forgot I asked her to… That’s good of you Dromor, am proud of you
We all smiled, but I said nothing, I quickly walked out and slammed the door behind me, I spat is out quickly and wiped my mouth.. D--n!this thing tastes awful than it looks……
I laid on my back on my bed with my light off reflecting on what happened a couple of minutes ago in the tenants room… suddenly I starting getting turned on, my n-----s were so hard and my pants were totally wet, I played with my n-----s and they turned me on the more. Not long I heard the door being slammed, I knew my mom has finally retired to bed.. I stripped in front of the mirror and played with myself. Looking into the mirror I robbed my b----t with a baby oil which made it very smooth and shiny,I poured a quantity in between my b----t which rolled down my tommy down to my c------s, I robbed my middle finger on my right on my c------s whiles my fingers on my left smooched my n-----s. The feeling was good and it was getting deeper and deeper I did it faster and I couldn’t help it than to moan like I was being laid by a man… I felt my c------s harden and the urethra opening….the feeling was soo strong i started screaming Ooooh…. Ooooohhhh….oooohhhh Yyeeeaaaahhh….oooooh yeaaaa…my p---y starts to gush out its fluids ooooohhhh muumuu Goooddddd as i scream and moan my body was shaking, my legs became weak n the juice keep gushing out bit by bit, i couldn’t take it anymore than to allow myself to flow like a fireman holding his water hose spraying on a wild fire…. The feeling was good i couldn’t think of anything at that moment my body kept shaking, and my legs were weak..the fluid was all over the mirror, and the carpet was somehow wet. I felt a bit relieved. I threw myself back into my bed breathing heavily and gasping for air….thinking I could sleep after that relieve but the feeling was so strong that I needed something extra… What is it with me I think this is getting out of hand, I couldn’t take it anymore I went back to the mirror trying to play with myself but suddenly I stopped. I checked the time, it was 55 minutes past 12 I slipped into my night gown without pants then covers up with my morning coat, I slowly walked out and locked my door, I slowly opened the main door and closes it behind me, I walked slowly to the tenants door, just as I was about knocking I heard a sound, I tried to listen carefully but it was very faint, I walked to the window and there ,it was the groan of a woman coming from his bed room…. She screams so loud I will say “a sweet pain” she was like ” give it to me.. Give its to me, it’s a long time.. Ah ah, oh yeah, hit is right there baby… Yeah am there, am there…” I was broken hearted and the feeling in me disappeared like a woman who just caught her boyfriend in the act… I wanted to leave but something stopped me… (Who could that be?) the voice sounds familiar… Suddenly the noise stopped, I heard nothing again I thought they had fallen asleep after that hot ride…I walk to the door wishing to knock so I can at least tell him how am feeling because I don’t think I can sleep in this. I heard foot steps, I was happy I knew I could at least get to talk to him, just as I was about to knock my mom came out of the room fixing her morning coat on…. I was frightened and my body became absolutely cold we both looked deep into our eyes, I could spot the tenant totally naked looking at my mother and I from afar… I didn’t know what to ask my mother, neither do I know what she was going to ask me but as it stands we both have to explain ourselves.
18 years of my life I have never seen my mom looking frustrated, confused and ashamed, I could read all these in her eyes and the look on her face…. I wanted to release her from her confused imprisonment so I acted the “good girl” role she has always casted me for….
NAA DROMOR: I heard voices…. Precisely your voice, I went into your room but you wherent there ( now that’s a very big lie) so I followed the direction of the sound….
She quickly slammed the door closed as she turned and realized the tenant was watching us in his total nakedness…. My words was like a relieve for my mom
MOM: am sorry for waking you up, my tenant had an issue with his girlfriend so they asked me to help them solve it…
NAA DROMOR: at this time? But you were loud and the sound……
MOM: shhhh….. (she cuts in) you need to go to sleep its late……
I thought about this all night… For the first time I’ve felt a pain deep down my heart…. For two weeks my mom never looked me in the eye, she was extremely silent at dinning which is unusual of her… The tenant became my worse enemy, his presence puts me off totally… This continued for weeks until one Thursday late afternoon when the sun was falling… I was watching a movie as usual in the living room all alone in the house… Suddenly I saw the room darken at once, I checked outside and saw the clouds forming. The sky looks dark which looks like the rain could fall at any tick of the clock. I spotted the tenant’s cloths on the line, I decided not to mind because we not on good terms but me and my sympathetic life style, I quickly picked the bowl and run out…. Just after entering the room with his cloths I saw his car speeding onto the compound… I peeped him through the window as he packs the bags of groceries into his room… I didn’t want to take his cloths to him but I noticed he came out to check the line and went back inside… I carried the bowl with his cloths and walk to his door…. The wind started blowing very hard, I knocked twice he didn’t open up, I wanted to return into the room before the rain starts… But the wind which carried a heavy dust which covers the atmosphere got me scared so I opened his door and entered the living room…. He wasn’t there I placed the bowl on his couch and stood for a while, he entered the living room looking all hasty.. He had a shocking look on his face of curse I know what that means…..
NAA DROMOR: I brought your cloths
TENANT: thank you….
I turned to leave
TENANT: no don’t go outside, it dangerous you could get hurt…
The pain in my heart led me to the door before he could say jack I had already opened the door….I met a heap of sand at the door which found its way into the living room… Suddenly the rain begun to gal heavily, I slammed the door and leaned behind it, he watched me and I watched him too…. He held me by the hand and took me to sit on his sofa….I sat uncomfortably praying for the rain to stop, I could tell how cold it was outside from the cold wind that came into the room through the window… I robbed my hands around my shoulders trying to keep myself warm, I felt a warm hands running down my hands through my body down to my him from behind even though I didn’t want to respond I felt warm in his arms so I relaxed he held my firm b----t and squeezed it like he was expecting milk out of it, he laid me in the sofa and behind to suck my n-----s, I couldn’t help it than to cooperate…. He unzipped my shorts and pulled it off my body like a macho man, he took off my top, gripped my two heavy b----t and looked me in the eye
TENANT: the last time was me, today is you
I just looked but said nothing… He grabbed my c------s and suck then with a force as if he was trying to rip it off… I loved it but I couldn’t show any sign than to swallow my feelings and enjoy in silence… (I can’t take this anymore) I looked at him suck it and said in my lowest tone
NAA DROMOR: I want you in me…..
He smiled and drop his shorts… It was my second time seeing his BBC.. (Hahah I mean his Big Black C--k) the semen gushing out was like a mad dogs saliva dripping from its fangs… He went on his knees, drag me by my two legs and drew me closer to him, he robbed the thick tip of his c--k on my wet c------s and pushes it in.. (Jeez this is bigger than I thought) I felt a sharp pain down there I screamed along side the thunder storms and the lightening that came with the heavy rain, he pounds on me and thrusted in me like he’s been waiting for it for long… I watch him groan and moan ,he gripped my thighs and hooked me with his left arm ,he raised me and held me like a baby whiles he still has his BBC in me, he walked around the room carrying me and pouncing me up and down… Trust me I’ve never seen or head this but this is too good for my liking…he s----d my n-----s whiles he still carried me, I could feel him vibrating inside me, that made it more sensitive.. I felt like reaching o----m ,there I took my shyness away, and gripped him with my two fingers, I started winding my waist and he watched me, I gripped him harder and he pushes it in the more,
NAA DROMOR: I feel like….. Oh shhh… Oh oh Yh yes, yes
TENANT: Come on my c--k baby… I think am there too… You are sweet…
Now I was more turned on, my body started vibrating and I could feel him shake as well
NAA DROMOR: Am coming…. Am coming !!!!
TENANT: Am coming too !!!!
Now we were nothing screaming…. He came in me and I came on his BBC too… He looked at me and smiled, but I didn’t smile back I just wore my cloths and walked out on the rain even though he tried to stop me.. I entered the room only to find my mom looking through the window… Meaning she saw me coming out from the tenant’s room, she said nothing to me and I walked past her into my bed room….
The taxi stops right in front of the administration, I took out 10 cedis from my hand bag and hands it over to the driver, I looks around the whole compound which looked quiet dusty because the school is on vacation. Pulled down my tight skimpy dress trying to look a bit decent in the eyes of my headmaster, (oh God please let me have good grades) that’s the prayer in my head…even though I’ve been naughty lately I never want to disappoint my mom. Even if I couldn’t keep my virginity as she thinks now I should be able to make her proud with good grades… These were running through my mind walks I walk to the headmasters office, I knocked twice on the door, then a deep voice responded from afar
BIG VOICE: the door is open
I slowly turned the door nob open with a nervousness vibrating through my body, guess who I met there… Andrew, “Lizzy’s supposed blind date boyfriend” guess we were both surprised to see each other
NAA DROMOR: Andrew… Do you work here?
ANDREW: its a pleasure to meet you again Naa.. No I don’t work here, my father sent me to get him some documents
NAA DROMOR: your father is the headmaster? I schooled here and I was coming for my results
We had a long conversation, chatting and laughing out so loud we got attracted to each other again, he got off his feet and kissed my shiny thick lips which I had painted with a strawberry lip balm… He kissed so deep, he fumbled my b----t through my tight cotton dress, he dipped his hands into my dress and grabs my b----t with his two hands, he s----d them so hard in turns… I took off his shirt robbed my hands through his muscular body… I stripped him totally naked pushed him into the chair and grabs his BC (BLACK C--K) I s----d them with passion I loved how he wined his waist in responds to my actions, he grips my b----t tighter the more sweeter and faster I do it, I was totally wet to an extent that I could feel the water dripping and jumped on him and slowly inserted his c--k into my k---y. He seem to be even more steady in thrusting me back and forth than he previously was. Sweats drips down my spine in ecstasy and at that moment I thought I was in heaven. I have no option than to play along to the rhythms in the movement of his waist.
LIZZY: what is wrong with you
NAA DROMOR: me? Nothing, why do I look sick.
( yawning and rubbing my eyes to look clearly into the eyes of my cousin)
LIZZY: no! You don’t but you sounded crazy, moaning and winning your waist on your bed mentioning ANDREW… By the way who is Andrew? NAA DROMOR: Andrew? And who is Andrew? I should be asking you..
Then my mom entered, Lizzy leave us alone I want to talk to my daughter… She quickly walks out and slams my door.
MOM: I want to have a word with you.. Suddenly my feet’s were cold and my lips became dry what worsened the plight was the look in her eyes. I was nervous and got my mind running like a ROM asking myself a million questions at the same time.
The look in my mom’s eyes got me more nervous and shy, I couldn’t look into her eyes, I had my eyes fixed on the purple flowery coloured carpet…..
MOM: Your head master called me, he told me your results have been released so I checked them online.
I was frightened and quiet surprised, just what I had dreamt about, I looked into her eyes which I haven’t done in the past two weeks, I sensed some kind of pain which told me everything wasn’t alright but I still said nothing.
MOM: Your results blew me away…. All am trying to say is am proud of you.
Now that brought a broad smile on my face. At least she still believes in me. I never want to let her down with my grades.
MOM: You’ve always made me proud, my greatest priority is you keeping your virginity till today…am always happy you don’t do friends, am sure by now they would have lured you into breaking your virginity, I always boast of you to my friends and they are all proud of me having a virgin in my house… thank you for making me a proud mother…….
Honestly, I can’t believe my mom still thinks am a virgin…. Is that some kind of a joke? Upon our several encounters she still thinks am green? All these run through my mind and all I could do was to give a feign smile to the broad smile on her face.
MOM: Get off your bed, enter the shower and get dressed, we are hosting a guest tonight.
She tapped my shoulders and walked out of my room…. I watched her shut my door and her words rang through my mind like a wedding bell… and who could that guest be… I quickly jumped into the shower. I run my hands through my k---y and felt slimy down there. I smiled upon reflecting on what happened a couple of hours ago whiles I washed down. I wiped myself whiles I looked at my naked body in the mirror. It reminded me of the dream, which got me turned on as usual. I reached for my baby oil and robbed it on my body. I tickled my b----t which got me more turned on. I could hear my mom calling from the dining hall, I quickly robbed my fingers on my c------s as fast as I can before she enters my room, and suddenly I felt the rush. I felt the vibration in my body and all I felt like doing was moaning, I moaned so loud whiles the fluid gushed out from my k---y spreading on my dressing mirror and my carpet…. I head footsteps approaching my door, I quickly covered my body and pretended to be dressing up. She opened the door hastily.
MOM: Are you alright?
I nodded.
MOM: Hurry up and join us, our guest is here!!
I donned my pink skimpy straight dress after smearing my body with my sweet scented body lotion, made up my face a bit with my face powder and a little lip balm on my lips… I stepped out of my room and gorgeously walked to the dining hall just to meet our guess wanting to look attractive in his eyes if he was a male….. I was shocked to my bone upon seeing Andrew seated at the dining with my mom and my cousin waiting for me, we both looked at each other
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Kunle the best copper teacher in Royalty primary school

 I am good at teaching, I have taught up to five primary schools before” I said as I sat in front of the principal of Royalty primary School. Yes, the mission has begun. It started this beautiful Monday morning, all those involved in this mission had actually packed out of Newriton yesterday except Young Carl. I now stay in my bungalow located somewhere in Lagos state, Iyana Ipaja to be precise and luckily, the primary school sir Jude teaches in is located in Iyana Ipaja but his house a bit far from there. Christiana and Morgana stay together in a rented apartment in the same Iyana Ipaja. Israel, Matt and Daniel also stay in rented apartments, not together, they live separately. The reason for choosing rented apartments was just the simple fact that their houses weren’t nearby. Young Carl isn’t needed yet, so he still stays in Newriton. Sir Ajan had talked to us the previous day being Sunday, he gave us some tips on how to go on this assignment. ” As much as I hate to say this, I wish you guys good luck ” he had said at the end of his class.
” Mr Gabriel Omiyi, Royalty is different from other primary schools you might know, we dont employ those with just Secondary school cert. We can’t take you” he said again, he was impatient this time. ” But sir, am..” He interrupted me. ” Mr man, you aren’t qualified to teach in Royalty primary school. ” he said again as he knotted his tie. ” why dont you just test me?” I asked him. ” Even if I test you and you are qualified for the job, I won’t still employ you because of your certificate.” He replied. ” Now if you dont mind, you may leave my office” He said pointing towards the door. I stared at him for some minutes before standing up and walking out slowly towards the door of his office, the time was just 7:30am, the day was just starting. I walked out of his office and went towards the gate, I was about stepping out of it when I noticed a small beetle car pull over in front of the gate, in the driver’s seat was Sir Jude Ike, what a wise man. I walked pass his car like I had no business with him, I then headed for my bicycle chained in a corner of the street. I climbed on it and rode home. My house isn’t that type which depicts am a spy, as a matter of fact , it looks like any other house. There isn’t any security face scan or card activating door, not even security cameras. There is only a big black gate in front of the house. In the compound is a small farm, a tomato farm, I actually love farming. There isn’t any car in the compound, I haven’t bought a car yet but there is a power bike, a power bike and two bicycles. I parked the third bicycle beside the two which have been chained to an iron in the compound, I then went into the main building. The inside of the bungalow is well furnished like that of a Bachelor, the sitting room has a glass centre table surrounded with chairs, cushion chairs. In a top corner of the sitting room is a big screen television, and below it is a decoder and a music player. The dinning is like any other dinning, a big glass table surrounded with glass chairs and a small refrigerator. There are just three rooms in the house, each room with their own toilet and bathroom, the rooms are also well furnished. There is a general kitchen just beside the dinning. ” This is the beginning of failure” I said to myself as I fell into one of the cushion chairs. I took a look at the foolish application letter I have drafted and out of anger, I tore it into piece. ” Foolish principal” I shouted as I got up and approached my small fridge in the dining. I took out a can of malt from it and took a little sip. ” This is just a waste if time” I said to myself as I looked at the white long sleeve shirt I was wearing, I remembered it had took me hours to straighten this shirt. I pulled off the shirt angrily and went into my room to change into something light, I then laid on the bed to cover up for the short sleep I had last night.
•I changed into a white short and black top, took my small camera and dipped into the pocket of the white short, I then went into the compound. I looked at my three bicycles critically before deciding to use the black one, I loosed it from its chain and out of the compound into the lonely street I rode humming an old love song by Dr Victor Olaiya. It was the evening of the same day, a cold and peaceful evening. I rode my bicycle down the lonely street, I had no where in mind, I just wanted to feel like the bachelor I am. I had finished rounding the street for about three times when I decided to at least have some fun. I changed the direction of the bicycle which prevented me from making my street tour the fourth one. I actually happen to be a bit familiar with the area, the reason wasn’t far fetched, I always do come stay in my bungalow house whenever we were given day off or holidays at Newriton. With that, I have been able to get a bit use to the area. At times, the holidays get more interesting when Israel and Matt decide to spend theirs in my house, we do go chill at a bar towards where my bicycle was heading now. I parked my bicycle outside the noisy bar, guys could be seen smoking at every corner of the bar, where two or three smokers are gathered, a girl must be in their mist. At most corners, girls could be seen occupying the laps of some of these smokers, while at other corners, the girls could be seen dancing for the guys, I just can’t understand what gives them pleasure in this kind of life.
I bounced off into the bar where the music was in its loudest, I then sat in the normal corner where I do sit whenever I was together with Matt and Israel. ” Give me a bottle of fayrouz” I said to the bar man closest to me. The man took a quick glance at me like he had expected me to order for beer or something alcoholic. ” Just Fayrouz?” He asked while I nodded. ” you can add a plate of meat to it” I said after him. He came back about 10 minutes later with a plate filled with meat and a bottle of Fayrouz, he opened the drink for me and dropped the plate on the table. ” Enjoy” he said and left. I stared at the plate of meat and for some moments wondered why I had ordered for it, I didn’t actually have the appetite for it. ” The night is cold” I heard a female voice say beside me, I turned my neck in the direction of the voice and it was one of these club girls. She was sitting just beside me and staring at me. ” I am Tobi” She said when I didn’t reply to what she said earlier. ” I am not interested” I replied. ” Not interested, that’s a nice name” she replied while I coughed out as the pepper from the meat almost choked me as I tried to laugh, her reply was actually funny. ” That isn’t my name, I mean am ain’t interested in knowing you” I replied after I had gulped down some appreciable content from the once filled bottle of Fayrouz. ” Come off it, am ain’t a club girl” She said. ” I didn’t say you were” I replied as I shifted my plate of meat to her, she passed it back to me. ” You thought I was” she said again. ” No I didn’t think you were, i-” she interrupted me. ” I only came to share your table with you, am ain’t a club girl” she said again. ” is that why you dont wanna share from my meat?” I asked. ” I an allergic to meats” she said and almost immediately the same bar man brought a plate of meat for her. ” But you said you were alle-” she interrupted again, ” Allergic to meat from strangers” She said as she picked up a piece of her meat. ” So na because of this one you no wan answer me abi?” A thick voice asked from behind us, I turned and behold three club touts were standing behind us. ” Who are they?” I asked her. ” As you can see, touts” She said staring at them. ” You no dey fear?” The same tout guy who had spoken earlier asked pushing me off my seat, I fell down flat to the ground. The club scattered immediately as people started to run away to avoid getting involved in the fight that was likely to happen, its always normal for the club to scatter all the time, the scattering of the club was mostly cursed by boys fighting for the girls, not mostly caused by that, always caused by that. As much as the scattering of the club could be of disadvantages sometimes, it was also a big advantage to those who dont have money to pay for what they had eaten. Once upon a time, i , israel and Matt had also used that avenue to escape when I couldn’t find my wallet to pay the bills. ” Guy, calm down, I have n-” I was saying but a thunderous slap from one of the tout shut my mouth. Did I tell you this about me? I have a phobia for slaps. ” You dey craze ” I said angrily in pidgin as I pushed back the tout who had slapped me, the remaining two must have been angered by the pushing as one threw a blow towards me. I caught his hands in the air lifted him up, I threw him at the other who was standing and thinking of what to do, they both fell to the ground. Out of nowhere, another tout came out with a broken bottle, he raised the bottle and made to stab my chest but I also held his hand and twisted it thereby making the bottle fall to the floor. I bent his hand to his back and with a little force, dragged it up towards his neck. I heard the cracking of his bone which was what I wanted to hear. I didn’t leave him as I straightened the broken hand and kicked him thrice on his chest, I then released him. He had no option as he fell down to the floor helplessly. The guy who had slapped me earlier advanced toward me with a loud shout, I also approached him with a flying kick and before he knew it, he was on the ground. Another one got up and took his stance, he then approached me slowly. From the way he took his stance and walked towards me, I knew he was a Yoruba guy. He came closer enough to me and threw a punch, I weaved it by moving to the right side. He threw another punch again and I weaved it by moving to the left side. He made to throw an uppercut which I simply weaved by bending my back to the ground. I went so low to the extent that I was in the same level with his knee. I looked between his legs and to my amusement, the trouser he was wearing was torn underneath, he was wearing no boxer or pant. ” Sweet” I said to myself as I gave him a hard kick between his leg, he screamed in pain as he fell down slowly to the ground, I did he Chinese get up and stood on my feet.” Your hands in the air” I heard the normal police anthem from behind, I didn’t wait to think twice before dashing out of the bar. They came after me pointing their guns but didn’t shoot, I hoped on my bicycle and rode off, they chased me with their vans. With the bicycle, I was able to pass through tight corners which their van couldn’t pass through and in no time I got to my house. Thank God I dont lock my gate when going out, I pushed the gate opened and drove my bicycle in. I parked it in a corner and headed inside the house. I was just closing the door when my eyes caught something at the back part of the door, it was boldly written with a reddish substance, probably blood. ” YOU ARE NEXT” It read, the time was 10:29pm.
I stood staring at the written words on the door, the door actually happens to be very refractive and thus enabling me see myself in it , likewise every other part of the sitting room. I was still staring at the words when I saw the reflection of someone in pure black move from the right side to the left side of the sitting room, he entered the door leading to my guest room, that movement flashed me back to the man in black I had seen on the day I was coming back to Lagos. ” who are you?” I Shouted knowing well I could be heard. I knew it was Daniel. Suddenly the whole light went off and darkness filled the house. ” I rather die like a man” I said to myself as I brought a knife from my waist side, I actually do go out with knives. I stood sideways by the door ready to jump on anything and immediately the light came on again. I heard the sound of a high heeled shoe from the visitor room, the sound signified that the person was approaching the sitting room. I had the door creak open and I saw the right leg of the person in black. ” I got you there” Israel shouted as he jumped out of the visitor room, from the right side of the sitting room also came Matt laughing as tears filled his eyes, he was holding a can of red paint. ” What is the meaning of this?” I asked a bit angry, they didn’t answer me as they continued to laugh. They were dressed in our black uniform. ” We got him at the right spot” Matt said turning to israel and they bursted into another round of laughter. ” This isn’t funny” I said jumping into a cushion. ” That was fun” Matt said as he started cleaning the door with a sort of liquid and a towel. ” Why are you this dirty?” Israel asked noticing my stained clothes. ” I was involved in a club fight” I answered him lazily. ” A club fight? Why?” Matt asked still cleaning the door. ” Because of a girl” I said while they bursted into another round of laughter. ” For all I know, you dont have a girlfriend” Israel said as he tried stopping his laughter. ” She isn’t my girlfriend, just a random girl” I replied. ” So what brought about the fight?” Matt asked dropping his cleaning equipment on the tile floor. ” Those tout thought I was the reason she snubbed them”I replied. ” why did they think so?” Israel asked. ” She was sharing my table with me” I replied him. ” So what are you guys doing here by this time of the night?” I suddenly asked sitting upright. ” We had actually been here since around 7:00pm” Matt answered. ” So what brought you guys here?” I asked again. ” We came to spend the night here” Israel replied. ” How was today? Were you employed?” Matt asked while I shook my head. ” The principal made it clear that he cant employ a secondary school cert” I told them . ” oh that’s bad, what will you do now?” Matt asked. ” I will apply for the post of a cleaner” I said. ” A what??” They both asked in shock and amusement. ” A cleaner” I said not minding what they might think of it. ” So tell me, why are you guys dressed in uniform?” I asked them, I was now feeling sleepy due to the day’s stress. ” We wanted to scare you now. ” Matt replied. ” Daniel told us everything, he says you think he is a serial killer and that there is a serial killer in Atata. So we used that advantage on you” Israel said. ” But why on earth will you think Daniel is a killer?” Matt asked. ” Because there are so much about him to be suspicious about” I replied wiping my face with my hand to prevent me from sleeping. ” Guy this isn’t a Movie, all you are thinking might not be real” Israel said again. ” See guys, I am a well trained spy, I know when my thoughts are wrong or right ” I said . ” so you mean we aren’t also well trained spy?” Matt asked. ” Not that, you can’t have the instincts because you guys aren’t connected to this” I replied. ” Anyhow, that guy Daniel doesn’t look like a serial killer” Matt said again. ” Serial killers dont look like it ” I said . ” Let’s drop this, Gabriel, gist us about that club girl” Israel said feeling excited. ” She is quite different from other club girls, she only came to share my table with me” I said as I stood up. “Not that kind of gist, I meant is she pretty, endowed, curvy and the likes” Israel said again. ” I couldn’t notice all that in the short time she spent with me” I said yawning. ” Goodnight guys” I said again walking lazily to my room. ” Goodnight, I and israel still wanna play some games” Matt said.
• Call me Adanna or Joy, I answer both. I grew up in the small village of Atata located in the eastern part of Nigeria. The state , I won’t disclose. My mom is a trader and my dad a Farmer, that’s the normal occupation for all couples in Atata. I am the only child of my parent, that makes me of course a special child. All my life, I haven’t really been interested in the male folks although most have showed attraction towards me. I rather use this to my advantage. I will make some help me carry my father farm produce from the farm while some help me carry my water pot from the village stream home. But there is this one guy I dreaded giving my water pot ever since he broke one when we were teenagers, Gabriel Omiyi. We had been like family friends when we were much younger although I dont visit him, he only comes to visit me. He was the only male friend I had until one day, I didn’t see him again. His parents told me he had left for the city, he didn’t even tell me he was leaving, anyways I had no business with him. It was on one fine morning approximately about 6 or 7 years that Gabriel had left for the city that I had went to the stream and met a fine built man locally dressed like the men of Atata. His face seem familiar but I couldn’t place my hand on where I knew him from. The surprising point was when he called me by my native name, I then looked closer at him and remembered my long time friend. I was tempted to jump into his hand, but I held myself, I was still angry with him for not informing me before leaving for the city. I hissed and walked pass him hoping he would follow me and sure he did, I would have jumped into the stream and drown myself if he had left. This was not the Gabriel I knew back then , the one I knew back then was a troublesome idiot, forgive me for that. He use to be rough and tattered, he enjoyed playing with sand like babies do even if he was about 16 then. But the guy I saw by the stream that morning is a tall, muscular and handsome guy. A lot had changed about him, truly the city is a place flowing with milk and honey. Though a lot changed about him, he was still as troublesome as he was some years back. He came to me and pleaded to help me carry my pot, I declined not because he had broken the pot once but because I felt it will seem like I was using him like I used other guys. He wasn’t ready to give up as he insisted on carrying the water pot, I had no choice than to give in. That was about a week ago, now he has gone back to the city, he didn’t even stay up to a month, I wanted him to stay forever in the village, because of him, I had started going to the stream every morning, I dont go every morning before, I go at least once in two days. He said he had to go back to manage his business, he owns a big chemist in the city. I fell sick when I heard from his parent that he had gone, although I was expecting him to go but I had prayed he would change his mind over night and come back to me shouting ” I ain’t leaving anymore” but no, Gabriel had left. He said he would come in some weeks time but something kept on telling me he might stay for another six years like he had stayed the first time he left.
I had woken up one morning to see a strange man standing in front of my compound, he said he was looking for Adanna which I told him I was, he then brought out a piece of paper and handed it over to me, he told me it was a letter from Gabriel, I opened it in a hurry and was shocked by the content.
1, Madu street.
How are you, I hope your parents are doing great, and how is Atata. I only want to use this medium to clear your mind from all tiles you might think is between us, i would be a sinner if i continue to lead you on. I have a fiance in the city, so please dont think there is anything between us, i love my fiance and wont want to leave her for any girl, not even a village girl. I have nothing for you, I only played along with the moment. Go get married, remember, you are growing older by the day.
Gabriel Omiyi.
I read the letter again and again as tears dropped freely from my eyes, I couldn’t believe it was the same Gabriel who I saw as being so loving wrote this letter. I looked up at the post man and wiped my tears. ” Please do you know how I can contact the sender ?” I asked him as I noticed his address wasn’t in the letter, he had placed my address where his should be.
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Sinful Society (full story)

The light suddenly came on to reveal my room mate, Israel. ” Oh My God you scared the hell out of me” I said as he jumped onto his bed. ” Secret service code 009, be alert at all times. ” Israel said laughing to reveal his white set of teeth. ” Sir Ajan called you back also?” He asked as I sat on my bed located on the right side of the room, his was on the left side.” Yeah” I simply replied . ” Hmm” He said as I looked up at him, he also stared at me and suddenly we smiled at ourselves. He got up from his bed and i also stood up and we hugged each other. ” I miss you bro” He said happily. ” I miss you also” I replied him and we broke the hug. ” How is Atata?” He asked me . ” Atata is fine, what of Ekiti?” I asked back. ” Ekiti is peaceful” He replied while I nodded. Israel Olufemi, another confirmed spy and my best friend in Newriton is a Yoruba guy who hails from Ekiti. I came to the institute before him, he actually resumed a week after me. The welfare units had actually paired us together when they noticed I had no room mate . He is a dark average height guy with small brown eyes, he isn’t slim nor fat, he is just Normal. He happens to be one of those lazy students when he first resumed, he only got blended when Sir Ajan had punished him severely for not able to handle and throw a knife. He is the most skillful fighter we got, most skillful fighter I said, not the best, I still remain the best. What? You guys dont believe me again? Like seriously, I am the best fighter, take it or leave it. ” So any idea what this mission is gonna look like?” I asked as I walked into our kitchen, yes our kitchen, it was actually a self contain like room. ” Nope, Sir Ajan has said nothing of it ” Israel replied. ” who cooked this?” I asked as I brought the watery rice I knew only israel would have prepared it, he can’t cook. ” I did, see I cooked it that way because that is how I like cooking my rice” He said trying to defend himself. ” Oh my Jesus, you mean, just forget, there is no other option than to eat it this way, am so hungry” I said as I dished a spoonful of rice into my mouth. ” Taar” I shouted as I spat it on the floor. ” Did you use the whole salt to cook this?” I asked him but he just hissed and laid on his bed

• I woke up early that Saturday morning, Israel had already woken up and gone to the field probably to exercise. I stood up and peeped through the window which allowed the reflection of the morning sun. I was right, he was on the field with Morgana and Christiana, Just the three of them. I quickly dressed up in my thick black singlet and Short before rushing down to them. ” Oh my goodness, Gabriel!!!!!” Morgana shouted as she rushed towards me and Jumped on me, she was the first to see me approaching them. Christiana stood where she was, she was standing arm akimbo and twisting her mouth like the way Adanna does twist hers, but she wasn’t as beautiful as Adanna. ” Hey, my Christiana” I said as I dropped Morgana and went towards where Christiana was. ” Dont touch me” She said as she frowned her face. ” Why?” I asked. ” You promised to come yesterday morning, why am I just seeing you now?” She asked still frowning her face. ” Come off it my dear, You of all people should know how far Atata is” I said patting her shoulder. ” Then you should have taken a night bus the day before yesterday” she said again. ” Which bus? There is only one bus coming to Lagos from Atata, the slow and Steady” I said smiling. ” Okay dear, come here” She said as she hugged me tightly. ” It isn’t even up to a week, you already miss me this much” I said as she still held me tight, trust me, I held her more tight. ” Gabi, you didn’t hug me this long” Morgana said and broke the hug. ” Sorry dear” I said as I hugged Morgana again while Christiana broke the hug. ” Enough of the hugging” she said . The institute was scanty, the reason behind this was the fact that new students haven’t been admitted yet and the old sets are done with their programs, old students like me. The few students in Newriton are either those who had come to take their certificates or those who are to be given assignments like I, Morgana, Matt, Christiana and Israel. ” Gabriel, I got gist for you” Christiana said as we did our normal morning push ups. ” You always have gist” I replied her, to her that was a go ahead. ” I came into your lodge yesterday afternoon, israel was the only one there, I didn’t know what sent me to taste the Unfortunate rice he cooked” Christiana said while I and Morgana laughed, Israel didn’t laugh. ” At least am better than the both of you who doesn’t even know how to boil water” Israel countered them, Christiana and Morgana, truly they can’t cook, I won’t lie, they can’t cook.
• ” This Mission is your very first and it shouldn’t be toyed with . It isn’t a tough case like I have rightly said to you all over the phone. It is just an investigative mission, just need you guys to help me check mate someone” Sir Ajan said as he walked around the small hall in which we all stood wearing our black thick singlet and Shorts. I, Israel and Christiana stood together while Morgana and Matt stood together on the other side. ” A investigative mission might look simple as it sound but need a lot of care than other missions. A simple mistake or wrong information due to wrong investigations might be so crucial and hence put an end to you being a spy” Sir Ajan said again moving his eyes around the hall, for a moment, I felt his eyes dropped on me. ” You should all take a observatory and careful background study, a very investigatory and clean background study before jumping into conclusion. Note that none of this should make you reveal your identity. Never reveal your identity in the quest to make your mission fast, a simple mission of a day might end up taking a year. Now I told you guys it might take weeks, you should all know how that it might develop into years. The longer the time spent on a mission, the more accurate the result. I am not in a hurry for you to bring the results, all I need Is a good result” Sir Ajan said again as he sat down and began operating his small laptop. ” Since it is you guys very first mission, I would like somebody with experience to guide you, that’s why I had taken my time to bring back one of my students who finished a long time ago.” Sir Ajan said and almost immediately the door to the hall creaked opened. ” Daniel!!!” I shouted as the new guy walked into the hall.
ho Is He?
“Wow, Gabriel, what are you doing here?” Daniel asked me innocently, he was also putting on a black short and Singlet just like the rest of us, the only difference between we and him was that he was hanging a sword on his back, the sword happens to be in its s---t. I walked hurriedly towards him and brought out his left hand, there, on his wrist was the mark of Newriton. ” So you are a spy?” I asked him while he nodded. ” You are also a spy” He said laughing and we hugged each other. ” Hey, I see some kind of reunion here, Daniel, have you guys meant before?” Sir Ajan asked him while Daniel nodded. ” We actually took the same bus from Atata to Lagos” Daniel said while sir Ajan adjusted his glasses. ” What took you to Atata?” Sir Ajan asked not expecting the reply. ” My research work” Daniel said again but sir Ajan wasn’t listening. ” So this is Daniel, he completed his program about some years back and he had successfully accomplished 6 investigatory missions just like the one you are about to Embark on” Sir Ajan said standing beside Daniel. ” Now to the mission proper” Sir Ajan said as he walked to the front of the hall, there was a big screen there which was normally controlled by a remote lying on the small table in front of the hall. ” Here is Sir Jude Ike, a primary school teacher” Sir Ajan started as the screen displayed a clear picture of the so called Sir Jude Ike, an elderly man probably in his fifties. ” Sir Jude Ike is a primary school teacher” Sir Ajan said and we all bursted into laughter, even Daniel himself laughed. ” Why on earth should we investigate a primary school teacher?” I asked Sir Ajan still laughing. ” Because a primary School teacher shouldn’t be living in this kind of house” Sir Ajan said as the picture on the Screen changed to that of a beautiful mansion, a mansion only affordable to big business men. ” But sir, this is an elderly man, he might have involved himself in some other businesses from which he might have been able to raise money to build this, this house might be a project from his life savings” Christiana said looking serious. ” Nice point Christiana, Nice.” Sir Ajan complemented as the picture on the screen returned to Sir Jude Ike. ” This shouldn’t have brought about any form of suspicion, the only thing amiss here is the rate at which young teenagers go missing in this same area where Jude Ike lives. No one is saying that he is responsible for the kidnaps or so, all I am saying Is that he is the only one living a strange lifestyle, why should he teach in a primary school a long distance from where he lives? I want you all to do a background search on him, research on any kind of business he might have involved himself in at one time or the other. Remember, he is not guilty of any offence yet. ” Sir Ajan staring intensely at us. ” Not just the six of you are going for this mission, someone for the I.C.T unit might Join you soon ” Sir Ajan said moving about, only the sound from his high heeled shoe could be heard. ” Remember, I am not expecting disaster” He finally said and walked out.
• ” There is no room for weakness here, we all have to be strong” Daniel shouted as he rose up his right hand to show he was serious and lively, we all looked at him like a fool. ” Okay, we just have to be strong” he said more calmly this time. A new guy has joined us, he was from the I.C.T units, he isn’t a trained fighter and so its our duty to protect and guide him, his name is young Carl. ” So, this isn’t something we should rush, it might end up becoming a mission to be accomplished in Years, Gabriel, dont worry or think about Adanna” Daniel said staring at me. ” who is Adanna?” Christiana asked me. ” Ask him” I said calmly pointing to Daniel. ” You don’t know who Adanna is?” Christiana asked me again but I didn’t reply her as I pretended to be paying rapt attention to Daniel.
• ” I am just nervous, I dont want this mission to be a screw” Israel said as I laid on the bed that evening, he was doing his one hand push ups. ” Dont think so, people have been doing this, so we can” I assured him, this time I wasn’t lying on the bed, I was opening my small drawer to get an A4 paper. ” What are you gonna use that for?” Israel asked still on his push ups. ” Write a letter” I replied. “Letter to who?” He asked again. ” Adanna” I replied while he got up swiftly and sat beside me. ” Who is this Adanna?” He asked. ” My future girlfriend” I replied searching for a pen. ” What about Christiana, who are you leaving her for?” He asked again. ” I am not dating Christiana” I said with a serious look on my face. ” Then stop leading Christiana on” Israel said again also looking serious. ” If you have nothing for her, let her know now, it might be disastrous in future” Israel said again, that was the only good thing about him, at times he speaks sense. ” Okay bro, I will try stop all kind of stuff with her” I assured Israel. ” Now tell me about this Adanna of a girl” Israel said happily while I also smiled. ” You see ehen , Adanna is the most beautiful maiden in Atata, she is of average height, chocolate and endowed ” I said. ” I know you bro, you can’t differentiate between beautiful and Ugly, am sure this so called girl might not be as beautiful as you have painted her” Israel replied me while I smiled on. ” Just wait” I said and brought out my phone, I went into the gallery and brought out a picture if Adanna, it was actually a picture I took from the top of the mango tree the day I had a fight with mbe the cat. ” Take a look at this” I said passing the phone to Israel. ” This is whoa, Gabi, this girl is Whoa” Israel said again. ” I told you now ” I replied him grinning happily. ” But who is this guy with her?” He asked again. ” Another guy who wants her” I said again. ” I think she will prefer him to you, he is more handsome” Israel said while I dragged my phone from him. ” She is really endowed as you had said, why dont you just ask her out?” He asked again. ” In Atata where I come from, you dont ask the girl out, you go straight to her parents after you have studied the girl for a period of time. ” I said. ” You and your Atata are too local ” He replied. ” Can I see that picture again?” Israel asked but got no reply.
• It was still in the evening of the same day, Daniel had asked me to come meet him in his lodge, he was actually staying in a special lodge meant only for workers in Newriton. He wanted to see me not because we had an encounter in the slow and Steady bus but because I was the main man for the mission. I located room “278” and stood in front of the face scanning machine, only those who stay in the room have a card to gain access into it, any intruder must pass through a face scan from the same machine. The Machine Scanned my fave and within some seconds, the door opened. I entered into the beautifully decorated large room, Daniel was on his bed, he was sitting on his bed while his sword was lying beside him. ” Hold on a minute” he said as he rushed to his bathroom. I sat on the bed and brought out the sword from its s---t, I did just for fun. The sword came out slowly until all part of the sword was revealed, I opened my mouth in shock as I saw the edge of the sword. I flashed back to that morning I went to the igwe palace, that mark made on that dead guy could only be made with a sword with the type of edge like Daniel’s own, wait, Daniel was coming back from Atata the day I saw him, and he also had the killer sword, no doubt he is the serial killer. ” Yes Gabriel, now to business” Daniel said as he came out of the bathroom towelling his face. ” Who are you?” I asked as I pointed the sword directly to his neck.
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Wonderful man of my land

“I need to know why you are afraid,” Rose said without preamble once she took Susan to the balcony. She was beginning to think that there was something else Susan was not telling her. “Is there something else I should know?”
“No. It’s just that…” Susan trailed off, licking her lips nervously.
“That what?”
“It’s just that I don’t want to lose Tunji,” Susan said in a rush as she turned away from Rose. She didn’t want to see what she was sure would be the condemnation in her eyes. “If he hears of the whole episode, he’d see how it is my fault and see how dirty I truly am.”
“Susan! I don’t think you know how much Tunji loves you. He will not…”
“Well we don’t know that he will not turn away!” Susan said heatedly, cutting Rose short. “I know I have to do it because you believe it will help me heal, but I just need some time to gather my wits together.”
“No you don’t have to do it. At least not immediately. We can start the individual discussions first. Is that okay?” Rose asked softly, seeing how much damage had been done to her friend by a single act of stupidity and wickedness.
At Susan’s nod, she walked in and told Chinedu of the change of plan.
He obviously had some questions, she could see them in his eyes, but she was grateful when he didn’t voice them out.
Susan breathed more freely the moment Tunji and Chinedu left to go to the other office. She would not miss Tunji’s searching gaze. She knew he was worried about her, but there was nothing she could do.
“Let’s start,”Rose said, breaking into her thoughts.
“Susan, we are going to pray first,” Rose announced, “I don’t know about you, but it helps me. I know we need this if we are going to achieve positive results.”
Susan listened to Rose pray, wondering how come she seemed so comfortable talking to God. She never felt that way. She always felt like He was frowning at her, so she went without praying for months. Maybe Rose had not done anything to make her guilty.
Rose’s ‘Amen’ alerted her that the prayer was over, so she echoed it too.
Rose sat up, looking directly at her, her book and pen on her lap, and began. “So I will ask you what I asked before. Why are you here? I know I pleaded with you, but why did you agree to this? Why did you convince Tunji to come with you?”
“I want to be free. I want to be normal again,” Susan replied after a slight pause. “I dont know if it is possible, but I want to stop seeing intimacy with a man as a threat.”
“I want you to remember this reason whenever you feel this is not working,” Rose said with a nod. “I believe that with patience, and prayers, you can live normally again. You just have to be patient with yourself first, then Tunji, me and Chinedu. There are times you will feel like we don’t understand what you are going through, and you will most likely be right, but we expect that you explain to us what we are missing, because the fact is that we are on your side. We are also angry with Tunde. I’m sure you know that about me, but I want you to know that is also true for Tunji and Chinedu. Always remember the reasons you started this journey. Can you do that?”
“I will try.”
“That’s all I can ask. So, I want to to tell me about Tunde, how you met, what you liked about him, and if possible, tell me about the rape incident too. Tell me as much as you can remember, and as much as you want to. There is no pressure.”
The silence that followed Rose’s words had her wondering if she should change tactics. She was thinking on what else to do when Susan started slowly, her gaze fixed on somewhere behind Rose.
It was obvious she was no longer in the room, but was reliving her life seven years ago.
“I met Tunde on one of my walks back from school. It was during my SSCE and I was happy that I will soon be done with Secondary School.
I was mentally preparing for the next day’s paper when I bumped into him. He just stared at me while I apologised, until I became uncomfortable. I told him it was rude to stare and he laughed, saying I obviously had no idea how beautiful I was, and he would only forgive me for bumping into him if I will allow him take me out.
I was flattered by his words. I had never had a boyfriend, or even considered having one. My classmates’ taunts, that I would never get a man with all my nerdy behaviour, sometimes got to me but I was determined to get out of school with the best result possible.
I didn’t give him an answer, just told him I had to get home to prepare for my next paper the next day.
He stood at that same spot for the next few days, asking me out. It was like a game we played. He would wait there, say sweet words, make me laugh, but I would not voice an answer even though my eyes said everything he wanted to hear.
Then suddenly, I didn’t see him for a whole week. By then I was writing NECO exams.
When I saw him again, I barely held myself from running into his arms. Until, then, we stood at arms length while we played our game.
He had been sick and had been hospitalized, he told me. I believed him. I had no reason not to.
I was so sorry, I bought him some beverages and fruits the next day. I think that was when he knew how much effect he had on me.
He reminded me that if I had known where he lived, I would have known that he was ill, and my care would have made him get well faster.
I blushed.
A little more pressure, and I went to his place with him. It was a single room apartment, and in my eyes it was the definition of freedom.
I knew he was not much older than me, maybe five or six years, and here he was, being able to live as he wanted without any hindrance from his parents. It didn’t occur to me then, that that was the usual way when one is in the university.
I envied him, and fell a little more for him.
He soon convinced me how immature it was that we met on the streets before the eyes of everyone. He suggested that he come to my house to visit me, knowing I would not agree, since my parents were strict against such.
I ended up going to his house every other day. I believed it was the mature thing to do, and since I just finished from Secondary School, I felt matured enough.”
Looking at her, Susan broke the bubble which showed Rose what seven years ago was like to a younger Susan. “Please can I get some water? My throat is dry.”
Rose nodded and hurried to the kitchen, mentally making a note to herself to always keep a jug of water in the office during sessions.
As she walked towards the kitchen, she heard low voices from the other office, and hoped all was going on well in there.
She let her mind wander to what Susan had shared with her, between pauses. She had seen different emotions running across Susan’s face.
Susan had had plans in her head for Tunde. She had obviously expected it to last forever, and that made disappointment the bedrock of all other negative feeling that came after the rape.
While Susan drank, Rose wrote down her thoughts in her notebook. She will need to show Susan that Tunde had been playing a game with her, and was not who he had appeared to be.
Susan’s next words told her that Susan also believed she had gotten all the warnings she had needed.
Rose added guilt to thye list of emotions Susan felt.
“My first warning should have been his kind of friends. The calibre of people who came to his house were not the kind of people I would expect from the kind of man he portrayed himself to be. He explained to me that they were his course mates, ad they helped each other with school materials.
I believed him and saw him as a serious student.
He was a four hundred level student of the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus.
My second warning was our first kiss, and how he told me I was acting like a child by ending it too soon.
He told me I had a lot to learn, and he was willing to teach me, but if I don’t give him a chance, he would leave me in my ignorance.
I apologised repeatedly to him, not knowing I was digging my own grave…”
So, why are you here?” Chinedu asked looking at Tunji who looked lost seeing that his wife was no longer in the same office. “Tunji, why are you here?” he asked again, trying not to notice the awkwardness in the room.
He wished he knew the guy before now, then he could have known his thinking pattern. As it is, he had no idea what to say to a man who is married to a rape survivor.
There was only one way to find out, and that is to keep asking questions.
Tunji shrugged. “I don’t know. I just thought Susan needed help, and since I don’t know what to do to help, I figured I should support her since Rose is willing to help.”
“So what’s in it for you?” Chinedu asked again, with a slight frown. “I mean, apart from the fact that she might agree to sex with you, what do you hope to gain?”
Tunji looked up sharply at the accusation in Chinedu’s voice. Did he just insinuate that the only reason he was here was so Susan could allow him have sex with her?
“Wait… What?!” Tunji asked, sitting up from his slouching position on the sofa. “You think I am here because I want her to have sex with me? Do you forget that she is my wife, and so it is normal to want to have sex with my wife?”
Chinedu almost smiled at the agitation he knew Tunji felt because of his direct questions, but he had to establish some truths. Replying with a deliberately condescending voice, he said: “No, I didn’t forget, in fact I think we are saying the same thing, she is your wife, and she has denied you sex, so you figured that you should support her in what may make her relaxed enough to have sex with…”
“Don’t. Don’t you dare reduce my wife to a mere sex object,” Tunji said with clenched teeth.
Standing up, he walked close to Chinedu, who thought he was about to get punched in the face. He knew he deserved it for pushing the man to the wall.
“Don’t you ever insinuate that all I care about is sex with her. You have no idea of the deep pain I see in her eyes each time she rejects me, and that hurts more than the rejection itself. I want her, yes, but I want her healed too. I want that pain to leave her eyes. I want her whole. I have only known her in a broken state, and yet I find her irresistible. I wonder how wonderful she would be when whole, and I want to find out. So don’t you dare define me as being shallow, at least I married who I am in love with, whereas you kept stealing looks at Rose as if she would bite you if you told her how you feel.”
“What? How did the tables get turned?” Chinedu thought. “Is it that obvious?”
Clearing his throat and mentally chiding himself, he spoke up with false confidence. “Please sit down, Tunji.”
He waited until Tunji was seated before he continued speaking. “I needed you to know why you are here, so we can work with that. Before I asked you the question, you didn’t even know why you were here, which is why you felt lost when Rose took your wife to the other office. I need you to remember this, and more importantly, I need you to act it out to your wife.”
Tunji didn’t reply. He just stared at him.
Feeling uncomfortable under Tunji’s steady gaze, he decided to be sincere, ditching the whole professionalism act. “Look Tunji, your wife is hurting. Thank God you know, but you don’t understand it. You are the most important person to her, not me, not even Rose, but you.”
“I know..”
“No you don’t. You were the first person she told about the incident even if it was before she saw you. She married you, even if she didn’t want anything to do with men. Despite her fear of intimacy with men, she married you, risking her peace of mind. You have to understand that she needs you.”
“Okay. What do I do?” Tunji asked, feeling overwhelmed with the responsibility Chinedu seemed to be piling up on him. “How can I help her?”
“Do you think she is to be blamed for being raped?” Chinedu asked, hoping the question would sound incredulous to Tunji as it does to him who asked.
“What? Are you okay?” Tunji asked frowning. “When did it become a lady’s fault that she was raped? She is yet to tell me the whole story, but as a man, I know there is no excuse for raping a woman.”
“You answered correctly,” Chinedu said. “But did you tell her that when she told you she was raped? Did you tell her you don’t blame her for anything, and that she did no wrong in loving the wrong man? The truth is most, if not all the ladies who are raped blame themselves on some level. They need to know that whatever mistake they made does not give a man the right to rape anyone. I think you should tell her that.”
Tunji slouched deep into the sofa and leaned his head on his palm, giving the impression that he was deep in thought.
Chinedu wondered at the chain-reaction in the world. Here was a good man suffering for another man’s misdeeds.
“I think we should take a break,” he said to Tunji who only nodded and kept staring at nothing.
“How do you mean you were digging your own grave by apologising to him?” Rose asked, interrupting Susan’s words.
“I shouldn’t have apologised to him. I did nothing wrong.”
“If you know this, then why do you say it with so much guilt?”
“I should have known then.”
“How could you have known Susan?” Rose asked sounding surprised. “You were what, sixteen, seventeen? This was your first crush, you didn’t have a previous experience. Don’t be too hard on yourself Susan, you are no superhuman. It was not your fault. You were not to blame in anyway.” She gave a slight pause where she got herself together. She was getting too emotional. She felt like weeping for the teenage girl who lost her confidence, innocence, and virginity because of some idiot who could not control himself. Taking a deep breath, she continued. “You didn’t know any better, if you did, you would have done better.”
But Susan was no longer listening. “It’s not my fault?” she thought. “It is not my fault. It is not my fault. It is not my fault,” she repeated as a litany. She hoped it is true, she wanted it to be true.
“I think we should take a break,” Rose said, leading her out of the office.
Outside the office, Rose saw that Chinedu and Tunji were already on a break. Sending a frown towards Chinedu to ask him why, he only shrugged and turned back to his phone. It was beginning to annoy her that he always seemed to prefer looking at his phone to looking at her. That is not a gentlemanly way to behave.
Ignoring the voice in her head asking her why it bothered her so much, she went back into her office to peruse through her notes.
Tunji was at the balcony, staring at everything and nothing, when he heard someone approach. Turning around to see who it is, he hoped it was Susan. He wondered how she was doing.
“Hi,” she greeted with a weak smile.
“Hi,” he replied searching her face for any distress.
She seemed tired, but not distressed.
She sat down by his side on the bench.
“How are you?” he asked, wanting to hold her hand, but afraid of her withdrawal.
“I’m okay.”
“I want to tell you something I should have told you long ago,” he said turning to look at her. He almost stopped talking when he saw the alarm in her eyes, but he knew he had to say it now. “I don’t blame you for what happened in your past. I don’t know the whole story, but I know you are not to blame. It is not your fault Susan, and I would never blame you.”
She froze and stared at him, before unexpectedly bursting into tears.
The only ting he could do was to take her in his arms and sooth her.
It was about five minutes later, when Susan had cried to her heart’s content, that Tunji realised this was the first time he was holding his wife this long. This was the first time she didn’t stiffen under his embrace.
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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Life is something sweet and bitter (emotional)

Staying alone is one of the hardest thing a man can decide to ever do as you are responsible of all your spendigs.

In my own case i find it difficult because i had alot of challenges in my academic, social life and spiritual life.

Waking up in the morning, getting what to eat and schedule my daily task wasn't also easy.
I go to betnaija to play some correct scores and end up spending more than what i expected, in most cases, i end up being broke.

I also blog, spend 5 to 6 hours blogging and selling online courses was an addictive way i used in making some cool cash.

Apart from my internet life, i was attracted to ladies in campus, seeing curvy and beautiful young ladies was one of the bad habits i tried stopping as it makes my s*xual sensation unbearable.

So i got myself a girlfriend, her name is juliet and both fell in love with each other and things went well with us, in less than a month we were like best friends.

We do things together, cook together, eat, gist and read, it was fun having her around.

I thought her how to make money online using the internet, blogging, freelancing and others, she became her expert and in no time juliet became an expert and was making alot of cool cash.

She had alot of followers on Instagram which led to rich guy's asking her out.

One day i caught her flirting with a guy on WhatsApp so i pretended i knew nothing and i played alone.
It was later i discovered she was cheating on me.

This was a lady i build, who i taught how to make money for herself and this is what she's using to pay me back.

Life's really unfair, so ever since then i decided to stay on a lowkey, we brokeup and she went her way.

But before we departed i told her that she will never find a man like me never in her life and she told me i should watch and see.

3months later, i met another lady, we were both doing okay but  i never loved her i told myself i will never love any girl again.

Her name was Francis and she was good looking i told her about my story and she was touched, she helped me financially and Emotionally and made me love again.

We did our service together and later she traveled out, i thought she will forget about me but i was wrong, she was always calling me , video calls, text messages, love messages and inspiration quotes.

She sent me little cash and told me she will prepare a visa for me, i was surprised and shocked that good ladies still existed.

In no time she came back to the country and she looked better ,i still saw love in hee eyes .

We made plans and visited her parents, did some introductions and prepared my visa, a year later we were both in the UK and currently I'm working as an accountant in one of the banks while she is a teacher.

We are happily married with 3boys and 1 girl, i never knew there are still kind and honest ladies , i thank God for making julier break up with me so i could find my true wife.

Life is Time, you only Need patience to withstand any circumstances you are facing today, someday it might be history and a laughable topic.

Be always happy, and forget whatever issues you have been and focus.
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